AusFly 201515 September 2015

Bristells at Narromine 2015
Bristell's at Ausfly, Narromine 2016 Ausfly 2015 at Narromine has come and gone once again and after some horrific weather on the Thursday, which delayed many trying to get in, the show enjoyed perfect weather for the remainder of the weekend. The Sporting Aircraft Association of Australia (SAAA) put on another good show with aircraft of all shapes and sizes on display.

Central Wests second Bristell arrived for Ab Initio training
In March Central Wests second Bristell arrived for Ab Initio and general flight training.

Second group of Bristells arrive
Second Two Bristells arrive for 2015

Marks Bristell
In 2013 after selling his Tiger Moth, Mark McLachlan from Moruya took possession of his Bristell. John flew with Mark up to Northern Victoria to enable Mark to get his aircraft back to NSW

The usual suspects
Sunday the 22nd of February we headed down to Lake Modewarre and Lethbridge

Country Airstrip awaits new Bristell owners
Delivering the first Bristell for 2015

Bristells await unwrapping
In January, upon the arrival of the first two Bristells for 2015, Pav from WA flew over to Melbourne to see first hand how the Bristells would be assembled.

Bristells await re assembly
The first of the next seven Bristells arrive
Pav's Retract24 April 2014

The container arrives
April 2014 Pav from WA took delivery of the first BRM Bristell, Retractable, Kit into Australia. Not only is this the first retractable Bristell but it is also the first Bristell kit into Australia.
Natfly 201422 April 2014

Natfly 2014
This years Natfly was held under sunny skys with perfect weather with everyone expecting a good turnout and a great event.
AusFly 20139 March 2014

Anderson Aviation at AusFly 2013
Bristell's at Narromine
After some “iffy” weather leading up to the event, the show enjoyed a couple of lovely if not windy days, and the Sporting Aircraft Association of Australia (SAAA) guys put on a good show with lots of aircraft of all shapes and sizes on display and strutting their stuff in the air. Warbirds, replicas, Chinese, Soviet, homebuilt, sporty, utilitarian, high tech, low tech and everything in between, Narromine had it covered with great access to the aircraft so you could getup close and personal.
Woman with Wings 201425 October 2013

Pilot Briefing for the day
On Saturday the 8th of March Woman with Wings was offering discovery flights for woman of all ages at Bathurst airfield in NSW.
Tyabb Open Day14 October 2013

The hanger doors are open and people start to arrive
On the 23rd of February Western Port Aviation Services run by Artie and Andrew Ralston opened their hanger to locals at Tyabb and the local flying club.

At the Aero Friedrichshafen Show
2 days after a busy, busy NatFly, I flew out to visit Milan at the BRM Aero Bristell factory to see some of the new manufacturing processes first hand and discuss with Milan some of the exciting new ideas and plans for future Bristell models.
NatFly 201230 April 2013

Brett showcases the Bristell at NatFly 2012
Easter's NatFly 2012 in Temora was an exciting time for Anderson Aviation. It gave us the opportunity to showcase the new range of Bristell's from BRM Aero as well as introduce the exciting RG with retractable landing gear.

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Sport Pilot Magazine . August 2012
Read about the amazing BRM Bristell in the August Edition of Australian Sport Pilot.

A test flight review from the the US Plane and Pilot Magazine

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A great article from the UK's Pilot Magazine

Brett showcases the Bristell at NatFly 2012
NatFly 2012 . Temora, April 6-7

Australian Flying Magazine - April 2012 Flight Test
Read about the amazing BRM Bristell in the April Edition of Australian Flying.