Pav's Retract

24 April 2014

April 2014 Pav from WA took delivery of the first BRM Bristell, Retractable, Kit into Australia.

Not only is this the first retractable Bristell but it is also the first Bristell kit into Australia.

Pav optioned the kit with 100hp Rotax motor and Neuform in flight adjustable prop from Germany.

The kit complies with the 51% rule and Pav will register the aircraft through the SAAA upon completion as the retractable is not permitted in this class through RAA

The container arrives Brett and Pav beside the base fuselage Pav inspects the numerous parcels containing the parts for completion

Pav happy with his new arrival and keen to start Where to start

Hopefully Pav will continue to update us on his progress and we all look forward to the day he takes to the air.

Stay tuned.