Assembling Bristell aircraft February 2015

27 February 2015

In January upon the arrival of the first two Bristells for 2015, Pav from WA flew over to Melbourne to see first hand how the Bristells would be assembled.

Knowing in advance that Pav was travelling, both aircraft were removed from the container and awaited his arrival before any unwrapping took place.

Bristells await Pav's arrival

Bristells await unwrappingPav removes wrapping prior to installation of wing

Pav inspects fuel linesPav prepares Bristell second wing

I informed Pav that Andrew and David would be calling in to see the unassembled Bristells, plus the other two Bristell aircraft that were already registered. We would catch up later for a test flight with Andrew and David. More on that later.

Inital demoBristell wing bolt tension 01Bristell wing bolt tension 02

After basically completing the re assembly of the first Bristell Pav goes out with Peter Lapthorne, Instructor and Avionics LAME, L2 and L4 for an afternoon flight and familiarisation with the Bristell.

P+P prepare for flightTake off

The next day we got stuck into the second aircraft and at the end of the few days Pav had acquired a lot more information for him to take back to WA and get stuck into his assembly of his own Bristell Kit.

The next day and aircraft two is underwayHS installation

We wish Pav all the best with his project and we will update everyone on his progress down the track.