Delivering the first Bristell for 2015

28 February 2015

February the 1st 2015 marked the delivery day for 24-8567 to its new owner in North, Central Victoria.

Peter Lapthorne and I organised delivery of the new aircraft to a private strip in country Victoria. We flew up in the two aircraft that had just been assembled and registered. Upon landing the new owners drove onto the airstrip to admire their new Bristell.

Being early and a very hot day we immediately started the conversion process for the new aircraft, making the most of the time we had.

 Country Airstrip awaits new Bristell owners New Owners with Bristell

 Peter runs through the checks Checks continue

 and continue

I let Peter follow through with the owner and pilot in the his aircraft whilst I discussed with the owners son the same procedures in the other Bristell. After completing the discussions we all departed for some general flying locally and then headed north to Echuca for some circuits.

 They prepare to depart to Echuca

On arrival at Echuca Peter and the new owner continued doing circuits whilst the owner’s son and I sat under the shade of the Echuca Aero Club veranda.

 Arrival at Echuca Pilots and locals gather in the shade

Because it was up in the mid to high 30s and a very turbulent day, typical for this time of the year in that part of the world, we eventually called it quits and decided to returned south and follow up two weeks later for some more productive time with slightly better weather.

The new owners are looking forward to getting out and continuing to fly further afield.

We wish them all the best.