Lake Modewarre / Lethbridge 2015

28 February 2015

On Sunday the 22nd of February, as previously discussed with Andrew and David, (See assembling Bristells 2015)  we headed down to Lethbridge for some potential demos.


Trying to make the most of the day I decided that we would take two aircraft and first head 60 Nm north to pick up two other pilots. After that we would then head south 113 Nm, past Lethbridge to Lake Modewarre and then north again, another 20Nm back to Lethbridge.  On completion of the demos we would travel another 93 Nm north again to drop off the other two pilots and then south another 60 Nm back to Riddells. That would be a total of 350 nautical miles, excluding the demo flights.   Could be a big day.

The weather predicted was showing signs that it could be an interesting day. High temperatures and high winds. Potentially turbulent times ahead?

As some of the people who wished to see the aircraft were not available until after lunch, we headed to Lake Modewarre first. This is the home of David who has been asking me to drop in when I could. It turns out that it has been three years since the last time I visited him when I flew in with the two NG-4s that I had at that time.

Lake Modewarre 2012 Lake Modewarre  2015

David informed his neighbour, also David, that we would be arriving and they were there to meet us as we taxiied to a stop. David’s house had progressed a lot in the last three years.

Peter, Brett,John,Frank, David and David.

The usual suspects

Frank,David, Peter,John and David discuss the local area and decide it's time to head inside.

What should we do now


After inspecting the aircraft we all headed inside to David’s house to get out of the wind and heat.

David introduced us to his wife and then gave us an inspection of their house, their aircraft, (a Flight Design CT2K ) and refreshments.

Thank you David for the hospitality.  I won’t take 3 years before the next visit!

After that we departed for Lethbridge.

We headed 20 Nm back to Lethbridge where Andrew, Geoff and some others were waiting on our arrival. After inspections, some photos and now being after midday and, very hot and windy, we decided until some of the others arrived we should get Andrew and Geoff into the air first .

Arrival at Lethbridge Checking out the Bristell Arrival at Lethbridge

Andrew and Brett Arrival at Lethbridge Geoff and Peter taxi

 Andrew and Brett go through check lists Peter and Gavin ready to go Brett and Amelia ready to taxi

Andrew climbed in with me in the standard wing (9.1M) and Geoff climbed in with Peter in the short wing (8.1M)  We departed out of the circuit area to the training area and then back. After Andrew, I took his daughter Amelia and then Don. Peter followed up with Gavin and I am not sure who else? We managed to fit in approximately ½ hour for each pilot.

All pilots made the comment that they loved their flight.

Bristells taxi

As the day was starting to get worse we decided we had better head back to drop off the other pilots. After dropping them off Peter and I decided we had better keep moving and get back to Riddells.

By the end of the day the temperature gauge back at Riddels in my car was showing 42.5 degrees.

We had departed Riddell at 7am arriving back at 6pm having done about 6.3 hours each in both aircraft and having consumed approximately 85 litres of fuel per aircraft. That equates to approximately 14 Lts per hour.

Overall a really good day for all and thanks to everyone, especially to Peter for helping me out.

We should do it all again soon.