Central Wests second Bristell arrives.

30 April 2015

Bathurst Bristell ready for test flight at BRM factory

In March the Bristell FG for Central West Flying arrived from the BRM Aero factory in the Czech Republic.

Bristell unloaded from container

After so much interest in their first Bristell , which is mainly used for Private hire and Nav.training, it was decided by Chris M Stott l RA CFI / GA CEO of Central West Flying in Bathurst to order a second Bristell aimed at Ab Initio and further training in their flight school.

8555 arrives at Temora Bristell registered and ready to go

Bristell dash

Chris placed his order and given some of the problems that have been affecting some of the flight schools in Australia, the BRM Factory had the aircraft built and on the ship as soon as physically possible to allow CWF to get the aircraft into service.

Due to the fact that I had to fly to Friedrichshafen for the air show, everything needed to be co-ordinated to allow delivery as soon as the aircraft arrived and cleared customs.

Dave Carroll, one of Central Wests Flying’s instructors caught a domestic flight from Sydney to Melbourne the day before delivery and on the day of delivery, after some circuits, departed for Bathurst.

Dave ready to go The storm is approaching fast

Heading off for Bathurst

With extremely bad weather the day before and what looked like an approaching storm on the day, after very bad, early fog, Dave departed and had smooth sailing all the way in 3.5 hours back to Bathurst, reporting “all ok” on his arrival.

With the aircraft safely at Bathurst I was able to jump on my flight to Europe to spend some time at the BRM factory and then travel with Milan to Friedrichsahfen for the airshow.- see attached link:-  



Should anyone wish to fly or take training at Bathurst Flight Training, click on the following link for extra information:-.     http://centralwestflying.com/