AusFly 2015

15 September 2015

Bristell's at Narromine

Thursday, being the first official day for exhibitors to fly in and set up for Ausfly, the weather proved challenging and in some cases a complete barrier to some trying to arrive on that day.

Departing from Melbourne after the early fog and low level cloud had cleared around 10 am, Graham Trewhella, an expectant Bristell owner and myself flew what would normally take us 3.5 hours of flight time, and what blew out to 5.4 hours of flight time, after many diversions, not to mention the two unplanned stops at Temora and Condobolin to allow storm fronts to pass through. We arrived at Narromine with over two hours of fuel still remaining and enough light to secure the aircraft.  Dennis Wisken, who departed Melbourne at 7 am in the Sprinter van arrived at Narromine some 1 to 2 hours before us, commenting on how bad the weather was that he had to drive through.

 Setting up would have to wait until the Friday morning. It had become a very long but adventurous and enjoyable day.                              

Sunset on arrival at Narromine

With the first of the Bristells on the ground Graham, Dennis and I headed off to our accommodation at the Narromine Hotel Motel in the main street of Narromine. Graham expressing that “this has been an interesting start to our Ausfly weekend”, and was looking forward to a good meal and rest in preparedness for the following days. I think we all felt the same.

Narromine Hotel Motel at Sunrise

With Friday starting out as a brilliant Spring morning we headed out to the airfield to set up and await the remaining three aircraft to arrive. After low level cloud delayed the departure of the two aircraft from Bathurst, the first of the two Bristells from Central West arrived. The Jabiru powered Bristell, owned and piloted by Joe English followed by the second Bristell co-owned and piloted by CFI Chris Stott from Central West Flying.

Joe gets towed in Chris gets towed in

Towing the Bristells into their position, both pilots enjoyed their personally escorted parking.

Finally the third Bristell arrived from Melbourne piloted by Peter Lapthorne and accompanied by Harpreet Pannu, another expectant Bristell owner whose Bristell at the time of Ausfly was already on the ocean along with Graham’s, having been shipped from the factory and due to arrive in another 5 weeks. Both Graham and Harpreet were invited to join us on a typical Bristell air show outing.

Peter and Harpreet arrive

After Peter’s aircraft was pushed into position we all gathered to discuss the eventful trips we each experienced and amount of water that was still around.

The pilots get together

Bristells at Narromine 2015

With the Air show getting underway most stopped to watch the event.

Ausfly Air Show Begins The Air Show is underway 01

The Air Show is underway 02 The Air Show is underway 03

The air show proceeded with a variety of displays including the the Roulettes. You don’t really appreciate how big the Rouletees aircraft are until you get close up. The Bristell looks quite small by comparison even though it is one of the biggest in its class. At least we have the similar colours!!

Roulettes and the Bristell

They are big arent they

With Friday out of the way Saturday would naturally prove to be our busiest day.

Getting out to the field early allowed us to enjoy the quiet morning sunrise and clean off the nights dew. It looks as though it was going to be another great day.

Sunrise at Ausfly 01

Sunrise at Ausfly 02

Sunrise at Ausfly 03

Sunrise at Ausfly 04

Sunrise at Ausfly 05

As the day progressed the crowds slowly started to increase. We were all kept very busy with people wanting to know more about the Bristell and having four Bristells on display allowed people to see some of the available options.

Harpreet dries the dew off the Bristells

Chris shows the CWF trainer

Joe demonstrates the wing lockers

During the course of the day Peter John, the CEO of SAAA brought Hon. Warren Truss, the current Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development to meet myself and view the Bristell aircraft.


Brett with customers

Brett meets Warren 01

We discussed the finer points of the aircraft and after checking out the aircraft both Peter and Warren moved on to experience the rest that Ausfly had to offer.

Brett meets Warren 02

Brett meets Warren 03

With one last opportunity we grab a group shot to remember the occasion.

Dennis Harpreet Peter Chris Brett Graham and Joe

Come Sunday morning we all departed early with the intent of trying to beat the forecast weather change that was on its way. A quick return trip of 3.4 hours saw us back in Melbourne just before the severe winds kicked in. The two aircraft returning to Bathurst had to deal with low cloud base and eventually all returned home safely.

Brett and his crew from Anderson Aviation and Central West flying took four Bristell’s to show at the Narromine Ausfly Air show this year. Brett and the crew would like to thank all who came to our display once again.

Should you have any questions or would like to arrange a test flight in the Bristell, please don’t hesitate to contact Brett at Anderson Aviation for further information.

Story by Brett Anderson and pictures by Brett Anderson and Dennis Wisken