Tyabb Open Day

14 October 2013

On the 23rd of February Western Port Aviation Services run by Artie and Andrew Ralston opened their hanger to locals at Tyabb and the local flying club.

Artie having around ten thousand hours working on Jabiru’s, was given the job of checking out the new Bristell powered by the 3300 Jabiru motor, on behalf of Jabiru, to make sure all is OK for its delivery to Bathurst Central in March.

I was asked by Andrew if they could display a Bristell due to so much interest from people visiting their hanger during the servicing of the Jabiru Motor.

We ended up displaying 3 Bristells:

– A standard Bristell with an analogue, low dash, Rotax 100 hp standard wing.

– A fuel injected 100hp Rotax with the short wing HD low dash with 7” Dynon Skyview

– A 3300 Jabiru powered Bristell with high dash with 10’ Dynon Skyview.

The turn out on the day was fantastic and the response extremely positive.


The hanger doors are open and people start to arriveAndrew Ralston from Westernport Aviation ServicesMark McLachlan left and Brett Anderson inspect the Bristells fuel injected 100hp Rotax motorThe Bristells were popular with the visitorsTwo of the Bristells on display at TyabbThe interior and dash of Joe Englishs new Bristell Lunch time in Westernport Aviation Services hangerThe young Ralston boys  aviators in the making