NG4 Aircraft

The NG 4 was the first in the stable of Milan Bristela's original company structure.

The White, Red and Black NG 4 (24-7357) was the first NG 4 imported and put through approval into Australia.

Brett Flying NG4 2010


In 2010 Brett travelled over to the Czech Republic to spend time in the factory and during that time he flew what was the latest in the NG4 range. Brett commisioned that aircraft to be exported to Australia with the intent of using it as his own demonstrator.

Anderson Aviation Australia BRM NG 4 CZ









Both aircraft are still being enjoyed by their current owners in Victoria and NSW respectively.

That was the last of the NG 4s imported into Australia from BRM Aero as Milan Bristela had completely redesigned, updated and made many improvements to what is now know as the "Bristell", or in many other countries the NG 5.


NG4 Aircraft
NG4 Aircraft Cockpit - Anderson Aviation