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Our Aircraft

Well designed, quality construction and outstanding performance from the masters of Czech aviation, BRM Aero sro.

Whether you want an LSA option with Fixed or Tail Dragger (TD) option, (RA or GA) the standard UL version or the premium RG with retractable undercarriage (GA only), the new range of Bristell's are a perfect solution for a flight training school, recreational flying or comfortable business commuting.

Custom made to your individual order, the Bristell lives up to it's growing reputation as an economical and reliable performance aircraft. Ask us about the Bristell and how it can easily cater for your light aviation needs.

Customise Your Aircraft

Bristell RG.jpg
Bristell LSA.jpg
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We are excited to announce that out new high wing variant the B8 will be hitting the market very soon and this will add a very exciting aircraft to Bristell family of aircraft. Due early 2023 we cannot wait to get our hands on one of these. The B8 has the same quality of build and the latest technology and interior options as the other Bristell models. As soon as we know when we can expect it on our shores we will let you all know.


Bristell High wing b8

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