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About Anderson Aviation

Brett Anderson has had a long time interest in flying. He initiated his flying career at 15 years of age with an "on-again-off-again" approach, only to return later in life to fulfil his lifetime passion for flying.

Brett wanted his own plane, but soon found a lacking of what he was looking for: a low wing, aluminium, 110 knot+ cruise, scope for retractable gear, wide cockpit, that would also accommodate a range of passengers. The search began.

In mid 2009 Brett travelled overseas to look at the NG4. It fitted the bill and was subsequently purchased. Being extremely happy with this particular aircraft, he found that nothing else was available of this quality and standard in Australia, so he decided to meet the manufacturer and designer Milan Bristela from BRM Aero in the Czech Republic.

The distributorship for Australia and New Zealand was established and the first two NG4's were imported into Australia. The future is looking promising with the new range of the BRM Aero Bristell's now here, with even more options including tail draggers and retractable landing gear.




Anderson Aviation - Australia
Phone 0428 355 266
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Victoria, Australia

Brett Anderson - 0428 355 266
New Zealand

New Zealand

Anderson Aviation - New Zealand
Phone +64 273 324 415
New Zealand

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