Bristell NG5 TDO

The BRISTELL TDO version has a two-wheel fixed gear undercarriage with tail wheel – an ideal aeroplane for enthusiasts. Thanks to the combined comfort of good ergonomic design in the largest cockpit in its category,

This aeroplane is the ideal vehicle for fun and for long cross-country flights. The BRISTELL TDO version has heavy-duty wing spars in the standard configuration, which make cross-country flights much safer in extreme weather conditions.

Main Features of the TD


  • Hydropneumatic shock absorber system

  • Excellent for fast cross country travelling

  • Custom paint design

  • Four choices of canopy bubble colour

  • Rescue system installation available

  • Custom instrumentation

  • Custom upholstery

Custom Paint 

All aircraft have the option of fully customised paint to suit to your company, flight school or personal preference.

Please talk to the team at Anderson Aviation to discuss your options.


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