Bristell - B23

The Bristell B23, is a next generation low-wing airplane. The B23 has been designed to satisfy the European CS23 / U.S. FAR23 certification basis. Bristell says it “listened to feedback from more than 500 happy customers worldwide” before designing the new aircraft.

While the aircraft looks very similar to the classic Bristell LSA, there is in fact far more to the new design. The fuselage is longer and the tail is larger, with an aluminum rudder; the flaps and stabiliser are bigger and better; the composite main landing gear legs have been redesigned completely to be able to carry much higher loads than previous Bristell models. In addition, a twin elevator trim tab function helps the pilot to optimise the forces on the control stick.














The aircraft's maximum take-off weight is 750 kg and it has an empty weight of 435 kg, giving a 315 kg payload capability. With a 120-litre fuel tank capacity, the B23 is “a very good cruiser,” says Bristell. “The airframe is designed for long life and has a robust structure, which makes it particularly well-suited to flight training."

Basic equipment includes steerable nose wheel and a BRS ballistic parachute rescue system. The standard equipped aircraft also meets night-VFR requirements and can be upgraded to meet IFR requirements.


Bristell B23 Brochure