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The NZ people have an enormous and unrelenting passion for flying that started when still school children.

Martin Henton grew up in Te Kowhai, where the Micro Aviation Bantam B22S and J were manufactured. He flew a B22S for nearly 20 years.

As a 40 plus years Dairy Farmer land owner, Martin and his wife Donna built an airstrip on their farm near Gordonton in the Waikato. Also based at the farm strip is the Gordonton Microlight Club (GMC).


Bill and Neroli have built their whole lives around aviation. Bill started in the NZ Airforce as an 18 year old. He is an incredibly experienced PPL Flight Instructor specialised in taildragger Cub aircraft. Not only does Bill have a constant book of students, he fits this in around his job as a Boeing 787 Dreamliner pilot for Air New Zealand.  Neroli is also an avid PPL pilot, very accomplished in Cub aircraft restoration and a well-known aviation author for several NZ aviation magazines.


Martin spent 5 years looking for a 100 knot LSA to supersede the B22 Bantam. With a choice of hundreds of aircraft to choose from worldwide, only one met the criteria of large cockpit space (Martin is 6ft 3”), ergonomic advanced glass cockpit options and lounge chair comfort for pilot passenger seating making a 4 hour flight effortless. Pillar less cockpit view of the sky is important, as is luggage capacity. Short field capability important too for NZ conditions (less than 250M) as is a steerable nose wheel for all our different terrain grass strips especially in winter.  This then is the beautiful Bristell from the Czech Republic.  The worldwide search is over and our Kiwi team can’t wait to share this flight experience with you.

So call us, email us download the brochures here for specifications and options. 

We look forward to sharing the stunning luxury Light Sport Aircraft with you.

Martin & Bill

Anderson Aviation New Zealand Pty Ltd

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