​Make it Your Own!

Your manufacturer BRM Aero is committed to helping you make your aircraft truly your own. You have many options for seats and for your exterior paint not to mention the all important instrument panel. Explore this page for some of the options available to you. Anderson  Aviation Australia as your distributor will assist you with your choice of options if you are unsure and require assistance with your decision.

This is all about you and giving you the opportunity to have your aircraft essentially how you would like it within the guidelines for manufacturer and certification.

A note to remeber for those not familiar. In the Light Sport Aircraft categories where there are weight limitations be sure to discuss this before you choose every option available. Are all the options necessary? Is your aircraft to be used for flight training where you will require to always have two people on board? These are the questions we can give you all the answers to and ake sure your aircraft suits your taste in options as well as fitting the operational requirement.


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We are committed to providing not only the highest quality aircraft & products. We are committed to giving our customers  service of the highest possible standard.


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